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About Us




Erin is a live, breathe and feel in the moment type of person. She's always up for an adventure, and captured the travel bug in the early 2000’s. Erin has a passion for travel that goes beyond your 2-week vacation a year, and she has extensively lived abroad and traveled around the globe.  

Sarah is a modern day explorer. She enjoys the next beautiful beach as much as the last. She has been traveling since she could walk, and continues to live her life squished in between two sweaty strangers carrying goats, chickens and just about everything else that can fit into a 14 person public transport minivan.

We met on one of our many travels, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012. Little did we know the pleasant introduction in the common room of the hostel would lead to a lifelong friendship. Since 2012, we have continued to travel individually. And despite living in different countries, we have been able to meet up in an exotic destination every year since meeting in Rio.

Collectively, we have traveled to over 50 countries worldwide and have stepped foot on 6 continents. We have a passion for culture, languages, and showing up in foreign places and feeling at home in the chaos. We have a broad knowledge of travel products and firsthand experience. Traveling is not just a hobby for us, it’s a lifestyle we have chosen. We have dedicated our lives to life on the road, experiencing all comforts of travel - from the most basic shared accommodation with complete strangers, to huts without running water or electricity, to exotic safari resorts with 5-star world class food.  

We continue to travel the globe, collecting more experiences and stamps in our passports, and a plethora of knowledge and ideas to ease your travel worries. We continue to perfect our travel habits along with our go-to travel items. You can rest assured that whatever our product, it is designed for all types of travel and travelers. Whether you’re looking for a product to make packing easier, to keep you organized, or simply to have a bit more free space, we understand how you feel and have created simple solutions. Put up your tray table, buckle your seatbelt, and prepare for take-off on your next adventure with Erin and Sarah of Global Citizen Designs.

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